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Have no idea how you can clean your iron and remove back stains?

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By Mchunu Nduduzo

It is common that our electrical iron gets sticky on the surface then dries up if the iron is still hot.However, they is a way to prevent this from happening. The first thing you should check is the kind of cloth you want to iron perhaps it could be a cotton t-shirt or else. You should try to adjust the level of heat so that you don't end up burning the clothes.

There is a way you can use to clean the iron,firstly you must have a colgate, vinegar, sponge scrub,green bar sunlight soap and bicup.Pour the vinegar in a container then add the colgate as well as the bicup then stir it well until it is smooth. Now, you will take your sponge and put it in the mixture then take your sunlight bar soap and rub it on the sponge and scrub your iron.

The iron back stains will immediately start to disappear. This kind of method has worked for many people and some are still using it.Remember, don't wait for a long time to clean your iron but as soon it starts to show black dark stains , clean it immediately. While doing this, the iron must always be switched off and not connected to the wall socket.

(Source : Research at a library )

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Mchunu Nduduzo


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