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Do Strawberries Come True To Seed?

When something comes ‘true to seed’ it means that the new plants will have the same characteristics as the parent plants. Apples, for example, don’t come true to seed and when you plant apple seeds you never know what you’re going to get.

Cherries and stone fruits, on the other hand, come mostly true to seed and the offspring will be very close to their parents.

Strawberries do come true to seed, and strawberry seedlings will be very similar to the parent plants (with a few exceptions). Generally, strawberry flowers are self-pollinating, and unless you have many different varieties growing in a small patch the seeds will come true to the parents. 

Some strawberry varieties are hybrids, and they’ve grown from seed that results from the cross of two specially chosen parents. After that point, they’re propagated clonally from runners. These days, most commercial strawberries you’d buy at the grocery store are hybrids.

When you grow strawberries from seed, it’s best to stick to old heirloom varieties or open-pollinated wild alpine strawberry varieties.

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