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People in Sasolburg loves dress up Sundays. Check their beautiful pictures


People in Sasolburg love dressing up on Sundays or anyone from the neighboring places. It is all about fashion, music and a social day. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, it will not be left behind and many people loves it a lot. It would not be nice for other people to be at the event without having to enjoy their favourite alcoholic beverages, either.


Even the legendary radio personality, Thuso Motaung, was surprised by the number of people in the area who enjoyed having fun, especially with alcoholic beverages. The entire country has many people who are happy about the good times being brought by alcoholic beverages. It was a sad time when the president banned the sale of alcoholic beverages.


Now they are happy to enjoy their good time on Sunday without having to worry about the curfew and living their normal lifestyle. When people see the pictures from their unique Sunday, they want to see themselves in the pictures from the next Sunday and be happier with life experience. But then you have to be careful, because it cannot be all about alcoholic beverages.


What will surprise you, if you are not used to the lifestyle of people in the area, is that when it comes to Sunday, it is like people are having a good dress up on a Saturday. They are there all the time. But then, people within the area are working differently with shifts, which is why some people will be having a good time on Sundays.


On some Sundays, it is different because of the weather has the fashion will be changing. When it is freezing outside, you have to be warm and classic at the same time. You can't be wearing a t-shirt while you should be putting a jacket on. As long as they are warm, they are worried about the condition the whether.

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