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Here are 6 Lockdown memes that may make you laugh. Opinion.

While we are not in a lockdown right now, many South Africans are expecting one. If the last few lock downs are anything to go by, than we are going to be dealing with a lot of isolation and misery. So to prepare you for it, here are some of the funniest lockdown memes I have found throughout the internet.

When in quarantine you have to make your own fun. Some travellers can't help but post their travelling selfies, however they have to find creative ways to do it. This man found a creative way to show himself on a plane and I actually love it.

If lockdown does happen now, it will be at a time when children are already at home. However in the past, lock down has occurred during school terms and parents really suffered taking care of their own children. It actually revealed a sad reality of society.

One of the things that happened when humans were forced to stay inside, was that some animals started taking over the streets again. It was a beautiful sight that showed us we do not own the planet but instead are sharing it with many other different species.

When in lock down we go through many different stages, this shows some of those stages in the best way it can. However I'm personally on the stage where I'm constantly eating unhealthy snacks.

Lock down isn't bad for everyone, for people who are anti social it's just normal everyday life because they stay at home. While everyone else wants to go out, we can finally justify ourselves staying inside.

While there is no planned lock down, if the situation does get bad enough it will happen. However remember that these are just memes and do not represent real world events. Tell me what you think of them in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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