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EASY HYGIENE tips on how to take care of treasures clean using common household in your products

We all love having beautiful things from furniture, clothes ,a lovely home .Yet a lot of the time we don't know how to take care of our treasures.For example a tiny spill on a leather can turn into a huge stain that last forever.Children can accidentally damage your things by painting on surfaces and expressing their creativity on expensive furniture .Here are tips to show you how to surfaces and products you already have in your cupboard.

(1) Cleaning Red Wine

To clean red wine stains , you can pour boiling water immediately after the spill onto the stain Or pour some soda water on the stain and allow it to soak in , then pour lots of boiling water of salt onto the stain and watch it suck out the wine from your fabric

(2) Suede Cleaner

White vinegar is amazing for cleaning suede.Dab a bit from the bottle with a clean cloth and gently wipe spots of dirt from the sued shoes


Who would have thought that a sticky stuff that your granny use it on a perm would come in handy? Use glycerine to remove tomatoe sause ,fruit juice stains and even tar.


It can be trick to clean so you need to be extra cautions.Do not use use general household cleaner on this material as they may cause permanent damage to your furniture .Do not use wax sprays or wax polish unless the store where you buy can advice you which one can used.Too much heat can damage genuine leather Clean this material every three months using leather hide products fpund at hardware stores or supermarket .Do not rub too much when cleaning your leather.Wipe any spill with luke warm water and leave to dry. Dont use hairdryer to dry out the material as it may dry out and damage the material.

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