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For a good laugh, check out these 26 amusing pictures and jokes.

Youth is the period of life that occurs between childhood and adulthood. Youth are frequently regarded as tomorrow's leaders. They make up a significant portion of any country's labor force. Youth are exceptional in that they have unrivaled power, vitality, agility, and other attributes associated with youth

The young of the globe are deserving of recognition, and an international youth day has been set aside to honor them. International Youth Day is observed every year on August 12th. It is an international day of awareness that honors and empowers kids around the world to make positive contributions to their communities and countries.

As we continue to honor the world's outstanding teenagers, here are some amusing images and jokes for your amusement:

Today, kpos has decided to sow havoc. So he went to a RESTAURANT and, upon noticing that every table was taken by couples, he pulled out his phone and dialed a loud number, stating, "My friend, your wife is here with another man, please come and look." Almost quickly, nine ladies vanished from the restaurant.

18. Creativity isn't everything; my brother, go find a good job so you can buy a new belt.

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International Youth Day


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