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OPINION - Rude Awakening: Township Life

Rude Awakening: Township Life

At exactly 4am today, I was rudely awoken by outrageously loud music. It felt like the music was under my bed. It turned out that the torturing sound was coming from almost 3km away. I found myself looking for earplugs to no avail. My mother said that I am lucky that it is only this one that is blasting his radio this weekend, three more culprits are missing in action. And they usually start on Friday Afternoon and end Sunday after midnight. The local Headman (Nduna) and councillors are hopeless.

This is the downside of residing in the township or any black settlement. I love these people. I love it here, but this behaviour is out of order. Far worse, this man doesn’t sell booze like the others. But his speakers are outside his house and blaring at high volume at 4am. Others hiked their sound systems on the roof! Any property for sale in Tzaneen suburbs? I will never play this “Buga wololo” song again. Never!


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Nduna Rude Awakening


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