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Nature Works Best, The Meditation Workout

The busy streets of the city and the kasi alike are very noisy and can sometimes knock your brain out of tune. The everyday stresses of life can lead to your body falling out of balance. I know that you think that as long as you're alive and able to work that your body is working at peak performance and that you're healthy. When your body is happy it's clear for everyone to see because your beauty will come out and you're skin will start to glow. This is when you eat enough fruits and vegetables and when you maintain a steady workout routine. When you workout it is best to be in an area where oxygen is plentiful because you will be using it up at a very high rate. Find a dam in your community where most people don't visit often, or go to the side of the dam where people dont ever go to. Carry a little backpack with a healthy snack like a salad or a meat and salad sanguage. Before you start working out you need to draw up an eating plan. Everything that you eat that has meat in it, you must balance of with vegetables. The reason that we chose a dam to go for the Meditation workout is because we are looking for a quiet and peaceful environment. First stretch, then lay on the solid rock or sand and start doing push ups, remember no ones around so dont be shy to really get into it. Complete a set of 100 push ups in sets of 10 and 5.The aim is to complete a 100 push ups in a day and not to break the record for the fastest 100 push ups ever done. Make sure that you have a steady supply of water. After the 100 push ups, sit back, relax and enjoy your neat and vegetable salad. After the push ups your body will be pretty sore because you are just a beginner, so bring out the yoga mat and start working on your Thighs by bending on your knees and kicking your foot back and forth while strengthening it. Do this with both feet until you feel like you can't move them anymore, that's the imaginary calf trainer telling you to stop. We want those thighs to look nice, round and firm. When all your energy is almost lost and you feel like laying down, bring out the yoga mat and start forcing your body to do sit ups. Tell yourself that you are not going home until you complete 20 sit ups, after you complete the sit ups, stretch drink some water and go home. When you reach the house, go straight to the shower and take a very warm bath. The hot water will relax your muscles and prepare your body for sleep. I promise you that after the very warm bath, you won't feel tired in the morning when you wake up. You'll wake up full of energy and ready for another round of the meditation workout.

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