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For your laughter. Memes that will make you laugh

I bought WhatsApp for US $19 Billion.

Lol, I downloaded it for free from app store

It's hard to be a teacher at times...

Teacher: construct a sentence using the word 'sugar'

Pupil: 'I drank tea this morning'

Teacher: Where is the word sugar.

Pupil: It is already in the tea If you don't know this advert we can't be friends

You will be like am taken and your hairstyle be like for granted Nothing ruins your Friday like realizing that it's Monday Nobody:

Me at the supermarket:

I always feel like I was not at the shop when I leave without doing this 'Woza summer I can't wait to wear swimming pool'. I shall repeat stay away from Free State girls A rare photo of two players carrying the stadium

Hey Boby, what type of door is that? I don't want my wife to stress up herself. Single at 30 and you still ask guys 'where did you get my number', Aah grandma you are stubborn!!

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