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Throwing dirty on a seed only increases its value, it geminates because of the soil on it (Major1)

This is true what the Majorl has said, throwing dirty on a seed only makes it to germinate. It is through the soil on top that the possibility of the seed to germinate is positive.

It is through the soil that covers it that it geminates. If there is no soil on top of that seed, it will not come out of the ground. So Major1 is showing us the important of allowing people to throw dirty at you, of allowing people to throw you with all kinds of rubbish, your destiny is a seed, you are a seed and you need the dust you, need the soil for you to come out of the ground.

It is that dirty that increases your value. It takes you out of the comfort zone, it is that lady that makes the seed to corrupt under the deep of the earth, and then it creates a plant which means, it is a through that dirty that the people are thriving to you that you can be able to come out of your comfort zone.

Remember they say when the pressure increases around you, it is simply means it's time for a change. Remember they say a tennis ball, if you want it to go high, hit it hard against the ground. They hard you hit it, the higher it goes. So a lot of us need certain situations, certain dirty to shake us, so that we can be able to reach our full potential.

A man that is talking here has been through it all. A man was taken through the prison, there's nothing that is painful like to be arrested together with your wife. If it was him alone, it was better, but they were arrested both as a couple. That time their daughter became sick, and she died later in Malawi. So the men that is talking, he has been through it all. He has being criticized, Judges and even up to now, there's nothing that he can do to prove himself to be a true prophet.

He is still criticized, so we need to listen when he speaks such words of encouragement. He's talking from experience, he is a man who knows what he is talking about. He has been through that and done that, has been tried and tested.

Throwing dirty on a seed only increases its value. Burying it under the ground will only make it germinate. You are a seed (Gal 3 vs 29) and whatever your enemies are doing to you, will just help you have manure and germinate.

Good morning!

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