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Use the following combo for 3days and see what will happen into your life always.

Using this combo will totally change your life for good by destroying and chase away all the negative energies that affect your life.

This powerful combo will attract good fortunes into your life and call for blessings such as good luck of have money, love, job, children and all your other desires.

* The combo is all about

* Spirit

* Coarse salt

* Madubula

* Jeyes fluid

* And R1 coin money

How to use the combo

* Boil water

* Pour it on your bathing bowl

* In your bathing water add 3 tablespoons of salt.

* Pour 2 spoons or the spirit

* Add your R1 coin money

* add 4 spoons of jeyes fluid and 2 of your madubula

* Mix it until combined

* Then take your bath pour the water on your whole body while you are saying all the things you want in your life and all that you want to chase it away.

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Madubula Spirit


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