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She did not leave cucumber behind, woman leaves social media speechless


Eating is all fun especially when you spending for yourself.

Some women don't mind what people think about them. To them self care comes first instead of engaging in relationships that causes stress. A picture shared on social media Facebook left people stunned.

On the picture a young woman is seen posing with a lot of snacks behind her. Looking closely she had cucumber as well. That alone caused a stir, on whether she uses it to her desert or had it by mistake. Her eyes were so clean showing that she is filled with happiness. Lady forgot to hide what she had to hide for the public not to see.

Photo cred: Twitter

Unfortunately spending money on herself caused a stir. Lady forgot that people will look at her differently on the streets. All because of a vegetable she forgot to hide from a camera. Lady did not leave anything behind instead she got all that she needed to spend the night.

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