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People reacted after seeing this from a lady in a party

People like to party as a party is a place where people find time to enjoy themselves and engage with their friends and family. When people are going to a party they like dressing nice and feeling like part of the people in the party. However people on social media reacted after seeing a lady wearing this in what seems to be a party.

This lady was spotted wearing a SpongeBob underwear when she attended this party. People on social media made fun of her as some even commented with the SpongeBob theme song, as they said who lives in a pineapple house under the sea. The lady must obviously like the SpongeBob square pants cartoon as this prove by the underwear that she was wearing.

It is obvious that the lady must have watched the SpongeBob square pants cartoon many times before that made her decide to buy a SpongeBob underwear. However it is also great to see what this lady is doing to show that if you love something, it does not matter what other people think as long as that makes you happy you must do it.


This lady really loves SpongeBob as she showed by wearing a SpongeBob underwear and she also wanted other people to see that as well. She also seemed very relaxed and not even bothered that people will see her wearing a SpongeBob underwear. This shows that we as people should not do things just to impress other people. If you love something you must do it regardless of what other people say or think about you.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this lady wearing a SpongeBob underwear.

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