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Crime Justice


Theft robbery

Laugh out your sorrows

Proverbs 25:24

It's better to live in the rooftop than to share a house with a quarrelsome woman. The bible is very clear.

Steal his phone, post yourself, finish his battery and hide his charger. Must I teach you everything....?Yeah, I was drunk that day Looters seeing themselves on their new 80 inch TV Still asking myself what would have happened to David if the stone missed Goliath I don't ever want to hear a women say 'please carry my handbag'These are the types of dogs that don't understand fusek When you go for a job interview at the mall and they show you a video of you looting.

Stay safe: Do not forget to wash and sanitize your hands and maintain social distance. Wear face mask in public areas, coronavirus kills. Together we can defeat this deadly disease.

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