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Dreams and interpretation symbolizes you should know

This is the meaning of Dreams.

* dreaming of school means that you are surrounded by a big snake under the water with the gift of elders.

* stars have the gift of elders.

* railway line on the way to the tarmac.

* To dream of a horse, a princess, a sea, a big snake in the water is a sign that you have a water spirit.

* the snake whistles and is attacked by an ancestor called a witch.

* green snake is a ghost snake.

* snakes kill the police, you are bitten by a snake and showered with a tree, you see a snake and an anaconda are signs of an ant.

* To dream of wearing a watch you must wear a turban.

* dreaming of a goat or a cow full of twins is a great fortune to come.

* dreaming of catching whitefish for good luck.

* dreams of fishing for good luck.

* you dream of fishing and don't catch your luck there but it is closed due to poor posture.

"White birds are visited by angel lucky, pigeons lucky playing ball lucky, rabbit lucky, bread or puffy cakes just lucky.

* dreaming of a hippo or a fortune teller.

* tortoise lucky, elephant lucky, white money lucky,

* nurse is lucky.

* you dream you are crazy you are visited by a lucky old man.

 bike ancestor luck.

 honey cakes with lucky honey, eggs to hatch

* toilet, dreaming of squirrels, urine squirrels, dogs biting in the shower, bee squirrels, fly squirrels, snail squirrels, deer meat.

* you have sex with a man and you have sex with an animal, you are dreaming of a small baby animal, you are dreaming of a baby from k2yrz to k13 creatures.

* rain tears, house collapse disease, red meat disease, indoor water disease, airborne disease, bus disease, bed sickness, dreaming of someone lying outside disease, soil or pit disease, pebbles disease.

* dreaming of fasting, weaving a bed of disease, marrying a disease, a turned-down field, or a newly planted disease.

* you dream of eating fruit in your stomach, you swim in muddy water in your stomach, you pick up vegetables in your stomach, you dream of washing clothes and you have a miscarriage, you buy groceries and you get a baby and you get pregnant if the fruit rots your uterus is dirty.

* you dream of climbing a mountain with the hardships of life you will face, you dream of getting lost in the hardships of life, a dusty dirt road, and bumps of life you will go through.

* you are in the middle of the jungle the destruction of your belongings, seeing yourself walking in a dark place means that your things are not going well, you are walking on water there is something bad going on or you will get sick to death, the paved road will succeed.

* To dream that you have your hair cut means to reduce your energy level.

* dreams of fetching water for purification.

* The cow is at the gate rather than the creature that needs to be brought home.

* cows are in the yard or barn the creatures have entered the house.

* chased by a black cow the ant is answered.

* a white or colored cow is punished for being created in the wild.

* the cows are on the mountain and the ant is outside.

* you dream of cows fighting at home you need to be cleansed from quarrels with creatures or there who walk in quarrels.

* If you are tricked by a cow taking you out of the house you are not the one with the surname chasing the ant.

* you dream of losing your teeth and you will lose something of value to you.

* you dream of pure water and you see a beautiful platform on the floor.

* heaven is armed with the wrath of the elders, the sea is angry with the wrath of the elders, dreaming heaven is armed with the wrath of the elders.

* you are bitten by a buffalo or a rhino and hit with a tree.

* you dream of a leopard or a lion being invaded by kings or a position to hold, dreaming of sitting with a beast or a president rather than a position to be honored.

* you eat food and you are fed in a dream.

* dreams of cars rolling over or colliding with animals.

* you dream of sweeping the house or the house.

* dreaming of gardening or a kraal at home.

* dreaming of new shoes indicates an open heart, a torn shoe is something that will upset you.

* you are naked to the wind, you are walking or taking off your shoes to the wind, you dream you will stumble, you dream you are sick and you will stumble in the air.

* dreams of a great wind of wrath to come.

* to dream of a dead person being buried with that person whose spirits have not been washed or who use the graves of uses grave.

* you dream you are photographed (photographed) and then you are photographed.

* dreaming you are pregnant has a secret story to tell.

* the bath of the deceased's body which can be washed must be washed.

* you dream a house is being built near the time of your death, the house is finished and someone is going to die.

* dreaming of a mother is being carried away by the death of an adult.

* dreaming of a snake is an enemy

* you dream you are given a shield and you are safe from your enemies.

* you dream of fighting and you are beaten with a stick.

* you dream of flying with a messenger, you dream of heaven giving them and you experience a messenger.

* dreaming of falling off a cliff, rhino striking.

* beetles will drive you crazy or you will drive your loved one crazy.

* wearing religious services you must attend.

* the dew was born of the dew

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