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Man Gets Roasted For Living A Fake Life Online, After Posting This Couch. - See People's Reaction.

Many people who live a fictitious life will perish as a result of their status. simply to impress or blend in Stop copying and pasting and face reality. There's no reason to get fired up over anything.

When it comes to expensive products on Black Friday, this one fits right in the center. A young man went all the way to social media to show off the pricey couch he had purchased for his mother; when it comes to expensive items on Black Friday, this one fits right in the middle.

The couch set you back R48000. One can't comprehend why someone would spend so much money on a couch, but at the end of the day, people aren't all the same. Everyone has the right to spend their money on items that they enjoy.

People did not waste time and began to look into whether or not they had actually purchased this couch, but the couch did not belong to him.

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