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If You Want Quick Result When You Pray Using Remedies, Diwasho Or Muthi Eat Below Food.

If you want quick results when you pray and using diwasho, muthi, meriana, dihlare, ditaelo eat below food.

 1. Stop eating junk food, red meat, chicken.

2. Avoid too much sex, tlof tlof, mdavaso.

especially when you are busy using diwasho, muthi please when you are using muthi or diwasho abstain from sex then you will see the positive results.

3. Avoid gossiping about people.

4. Stop stressing your self stop thinking negative things about your self always be positive. Have positive mindset.

5. Stop being angry because your ancestors will turn their back on you while they want to help you.

Eat the following to boost your spirit, isithunywa, moya wa badimo and help diwasho to work properly. Do not eat salt, fish oil, Sugar at all. Do not drink cold drink any that has acid.

1. Eat mabele pap + cabbage or spinach.

2. Eat mabele pap + skim milk

3. Eat mabele pap + Klim or Nespray

4. Eat mabele pap and boiled eggs

5 Brown bread and skim milk

6. Mabele and 🐟 fish

7. Mabele and Natural beans

Don't eat hot 🔥 staff.

8. Motogo and black vinegar

If you can manage to do this believe me you will thank me later, even your ancestors will be happy.

your ancestors will communicate with you 24/7.

I know it's not an easy task but please try and make it happen have a spirit of I can do .

I can do, we can do. For us to achieve we must go through pains then we will win this battle we are facing unity is the power.



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