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Video: Ladies Dances Inside A Hearse With A Coffin Inside- See What They Did Next

Whenever someone close to us pass away, we feel like life is failing us, but we have no other choice but to accept. When send our loved ones off, we would prefer their service to be an honourable one which we will always remember.

We always remember those who are gone by their work and everything they used to do. If you were a naughty one, we would always laugh and remember those jokes you used to do. What if you were a party person? We surely remember those moments we used to spend together. With that being said, let's focus on a story that shocked many people. There is a video that is going viral on social of a funeral service. On this video we can see two ladies who are sitting inside a hearse, both are sitting next to a coffin of the deceased and In the background we hear a house dance song. Judging by this, It is clear that the deceased was someone who used to go to parties.

So in today's world, people tend to send off their loved ones by doing what they used to do with them. But that is not all there is to this story, what shocked everyone is when the ladies started to dance in the hearse and one of them placed her leg on top of the coffin while she danced. This is so inhuman, how can you do such to the deceased. In the African way, we respect the dead, and we would keep an order to show that they were loved by us.

The world has turned to the worst, where we have turned against our beliefs. Nowadays, we celebrate the death of our loved ones by hosting after tears parties, when we should be mourning for our loss. I just hope these things will come to an end one day.

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