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The Truth Is That It's All In The Mind, How To Kick The Craving When Times Are Hard

Smoking is a habit that is practiced by millions if not billionaires of people. It has become so popular that even school children have started to smoke in the masses. Cigarettes are expensive and it takes a lot of money to sustain and maintain the habit daily. The predicament with this club is that most of the people who smoke are unemployment, they have to scurry around and search for 1 or 3 Rands to buy a single cigarette to smoke in the morning. The reason for this is that the first thing that a smoker thinks about when he or she wakes up is a cigarette. The Craving hits hard sometimes, you'll find a person moving and turning furniture looking for 1 rand to buy a cigarette,while knowing that there is no money there. The truth is it's all in the mind. The reason that you crave for a smoke in the morning is because of repetition, your mind is used to you smoking a cigarette every single morning and your body is used to it. When I have the morning craving and a cigarette or money to buy a cigarette is absent, I keep my mind busy. Talk to a close friend or girlfriend about nice times and think happy thoughts, eat a lot of sweets because it takes your mind of the craving. Drink a lot of liquid substances to take the dryness of your throat, soon you won't even remember that you're craving a cigarette. It works for me, try it out.

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