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If You're Struggling To Have Dreams At Night, Here Are Three Things That Can Help You.

Not having dreams at night for days or even weeks at all, that means you have been blinded by the dark spirits.

Dreams are there to bring communication between us and the spirit world, and they are the way for us to achieve what is there for us, or they come as a way of warning us.

Many people have voiced their concerns in the social media platforms that they do not have any dreams at night while sleeping, and that is not normal. Even if it is the scary dream, but dreaming is part of our precious life.

Here are the three things you could do to help you, if you do not have any dreams coming to you when sleeping.

1. Steam And Drink The Mixture Of Milk And IMpepho incense.

Pictured is the IMpepho incense which is used mostly for summoning the ancestors if one wants to connect with them. That is the cultural belief throughout the South Africa about the IMpepho.

Mixing IMpepho Incense with Milk and water, then put to hear and boil it, that can help you regaining your dreaming life.

You should drink this mixture while warm, and also steam with it using a blanket, and you should steam the whole body.

This will help open up your dream while sleeping. The mixture will invite your spirit guides and ancestral spirits to be around you and have a proper way to communicate with you.

2. Sprinkle Salt Water Around Your House

Sometime dreams are blocked in you by the dark spirits that reside in your home, and they are there to ruin your life.

They will keep you from communication with your ancestors and block the dreams that you're supposed to be having.

There are herbs used to get rid of these dark powers by sprinkling them around you home. But if you don't have those herb or perhaps you do not know which herb you should use, then salt is an alternative way to help you.

A mixture of salt and water is a very powerful weapon to get rid of dark spirits from you house. Mix the two and sprinkle all around your house, evil spirits will fade away and you should then have pure great sleeping night and full of dreams.

3. Place A Salt With An African Potato Under Your Pillow.

This is the most used method by many people to retain their dreams and keep them clean to remember them.

Cut an African Potato in half, sprinkle a salt on it and wrap it with a white or transparent plastic and place under your pillow.

Doing this will help clear up your dreams and it will make you remember them clearly when you wake up in the morning.

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