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Take a look at these 38 amusing images and jokes.

This is a collection of amusing and unique jokes and images that will undoubtedly relieve stress and make you smile throughout the week.

Below are some amusing images and jokes that will make you laugh:

On a wet day, an elderly gentleman stood outside with a book for sale. Akpos had come to purchase the book. He paid 2,000 Naira for the book.

"Don't open the last page of the book," the old guy urged, "or you'll have troubles."

With much trepidation, Akpos finished the book but did not turn the final page.

But, after a week, he read the last page out of curiosity, and what he saw nearly knocked him out. He noticed the selling price was 20 Naira.

Those of you who have "Living in UK and working in Ife or Lagos" as your Facebook profile. I'm not implying that you're lying.

I'm just irritated... How are you managing your transportation costs?

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