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6 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person


Let’s face it, everyone lies. Everyone has told a lie at some point in their lives. But not everyone is a liar. There is a clear difference between lying and being a liar. Lying maybe a couple of times, probably to avoid embarrassment, humiliation or even avert a certain disaster. But a liar is someone who lies everytime. It is very hard to tell when they are being honest because they even lie without knowing. 

They do this for several reasons, some for fun, some as a means of revenge and some do it believing that they are helping you. How can you know when you are up against an evil person. There are different obvious signs that will tell you that, below are six warning signs that you’re dealing with an evil person.

Liars are so accustomed to telling lies that they even start to believe their own lies and may even live with it. Evil people are liars, and it does not matter where they find themselves in, they will simply lie again, and without regret. They lie to save their own skin, they lie to get what they want, they lie to please others and they lie just for the fun of it.

They Are Never Sorry

When normal people do something wrong, they feel sorry or remorseful. And although they may not openly apologize, the feeling of guilt is there in their minds. Evil people never feel bad when they do something wrong. If you try to make them see the error of their ways, they will end up making you believe that you are the problem instead of themselves. All they want is to carry on with their image of perfection, and even when they see the error of their ways, they will never admit to being wrong.

They Enjoy The Pain Of Others

While this may be the most unfortunate trait, it is also the easiest to spot. Evil people will enjoy seeing people in pain or anguish. They may even find it amusing or fascinating. You should know that this is entirely no fault of theirs. Their negativity has twisted their mind and psychosis that they will only derive satisfaction when others are in pain. If you find yourself around someone like this, it’s best to stay away from them to avoid being preyed upon by them.

They Do Not Have Good Friends

There is an old saying that goes “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. One of the best ways to spot an evil person is by the company they keep. When a person is constantly in the company of people with questionable characters, then it is safe to say they are the same. On the other hand, evil people may not have friends at all. This does not mean that everyone without friends is an evil person. The clear difference between an evil person and a normal person without friends is what people say about them. People will always stay away from an evil person because of who they are and will constantly warn you to stay away from them as well.

They Are Judgmental

It is extremely difficult to get along with an evil person because it is almost impossible to meet their standards. They will always see you as inferior compared to themselves. There will always be something wrong with you and what you have done, and they will not hesitate to tell you how wrong you are about something. Setting you on the right path or correcting you is something they will not do, instead, they will continue to put you down at every opportunity they get.

They Are Manipulators

With evil people, there is always a price for every good deed they do for you. They may come off as kind, but know that the show of kindness is just a means to an end. They do not do something for free, there must be something they can get back in return. They can also be terribly influencing. They do not need to coerce you to do something from them, they only need to talk you into doing it, manipulate you or coerce you if they have to. In the end, they will always get what they want.

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