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New trending items of clothing in the block. Men would you allow your woman to rock it?.

Trending of clothes have been a thing all over the world. Recently there is a new item of clothing in the fashion industry.

Image: Instagram

Few women have been spotted wearing it and we must say they look good. People should wear what they feel good and beautiful in it, so as comfy.

This item of clothes involve a bum shorts along with crop top. Some fashionistas appload it and some said no. People took it to social media to discuss this clothing. Some man said they can not have their woman wearing like this.

Image: Instagram

Some said why not?. Women also commented and mention they will only wear it in beaches not in a public space like malls. Some said this trends it for artist ( they are mostly likely to wear it).

"It a very good item of clothes I will wear it all time when I feel like, people should learn not to put labels in your morals if you wear a certain item of clothing". Said some social media activist.

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