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Boy's trip pictures left many confused as they noticed something else in the fridge, See Reaction.

South Africa is on level one and everyone seems to be happy, some are out enjoying life since there's a bit of freedom of movement. social media is busy today people are sharing their weekend activities, some are on vacation others are keeping it local by visiting their local restaurant.

Last night a guy took it to Twitter sharing snapshots with people that his out with his friends, he captured pictures of the place they are visiting, a beautiful house full of cars, it looks like they booked a guesthouse and other pictures were the food and drinks they bought for themselves, his Twitter handle is @Captain_Champu and he captioned his post "A boy's trip"  

The post was received well by his followers, some zoomed-in the uploaded pictures and noticed that there's a pink tonic and something that is wrapped in a black bag in the fridge so they assumed it's for girls and they are hiding them because they want to look good in the public or to their girlfriends. some of his followers jumped to the comment section and they replied, @Mabenezaa "Pink tonic for the boys?"

@Mbalisto replied "Anishodi ngefebe?"

By looking at the pictures do you guys think these guys were not having girls on their trip? do leave your views in the comment section, please like, share with friends, and don't forget to hit the follow button.


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