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How To Get Rid of Bad Breath.

Brushing tongue and teeth after eating, flossing atleast once a day and replacing toothbrushes regularly may improve bad breath . Avoiding foods known to cause bad breath, such as onions and garlic may also help.

1. Brush and floss more often.

Brushyour teeth atleast two times each day, and floss at least once. If you're concerned about your breath , do both a little more often.

2. Rinse your mouth out.

Besides freshening your breath, a mouthwash adds extra protection by getting rid of bacteria. A fresh mint taste can make you feel good.

3. Scrape your tongue.

If your brush is too big to comfortably reach the back of your tongue, try a scraper. This removes bacteria , food debris, and dead cells that brushing alone cant take care of.

4. Kick The Tobacco Habit.

Besides causing cancer, smoking can damage your gums, stain your teeth, and give you bad breath.

5. Avoid Foods That Sour your Breath.

Onions and Garlic are big offenders. But brushing after you eat them doesn't help. The best way to stop the problem is to stop eating them.Or atleast avoid them before you go to work or go to see friends.

6. Keep Your Gums Healthy.

Gum disease causes bad breath . Bacteria gather in pockets at the base of your teeth, which creates and odor.

7. Skip after dinner mints and chew gum instead.

The bacteria in your mouth love sugar. They use it to make acid . This wears down your teeth and causes bad breath . Chew sugarless gum instead.

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