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Adorable: Mome Mahlangu Shows Off Her Beautiful New Family Home #Mahlanguville

Pic! Mome Mahlangu displays her lovely new family home. Wow, the family got more than their fair portion of "the land." The Mahlangus also own another property, which is the most beautiful and spacious structure ever constructed. They bought a house in a gated community with three hectors of land.

Mome took to Instagram to flaunt their new purchase. Although finding the house took some time, it was well worth the wait, because great things come to those who wait. One hector will be used for the family home, the other for the animals, and the remaining factor will be split between Mome's Moringa plants and veggies. Talk about a well-thought-out strategy.

"I wake up grateful because Mercy rewrote my life; it took us a while to find it, but we're here today.... To making new memories while enjoying the ones we've already made

♥️#Mahlanguville 2 a small holding with 5 properties in a private estate with 3 hectors of land, 1 hector for the family residence, and 1 hector for the animals, with the intention of planting half of Moringa to generate additional wellness products for your health. She posted a photo of the mansion with, "The other half will be for vegetables."

"Dear God, I appreciate you for always being honest with me and my family, even when life seems impossible. "The prayer for the third beach house has begun; in the meantime, let us enjoy modern farm life and pay our taxes to produce sustainable riches," Mome expressed her thanks.


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