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Remember Her? This Is How She Looks Now.

Remember Her? This Is How She Looks Now.

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If you have seen the advertisement for a popular seasoning cube in Ghana, you are probably here with us and remember the look of this young child or how the whole advertisement played out, and it was worth our time to watch it in the first place. The advertisement we're talking about is one that you may come across at some point or on the internet someplace if you haven't seen it before. She, on the other hand, was excellent in her part.

A lot is unknown about the young girl featured in the advertisement and her personal life since she has decided to remain off social media for quite some time, but we did manage to get a peek of some of her most recent pictures on social media.

She is now an adult with the same appearance that she had previously.

In addition to Kiddi, Kiana Abban, as she is known, has been seen with him, and the two seem to be getting along very well.

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