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3 Problems Women With Big Thighs Have

Source: (7 Struggles that Women with Chunky Thighs Can Relate to)

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We are humans and the unique thing about us is we come in varied forms and sizes. Some have enormous round eyeballs that, if properly used, may allow them to see into the future; others have small beady eyes.

Some are endowed with robust behinds, while others just a have extended backs that split into legs; And of course some have Barbie doll thighs with the gap in between. Finally, some of us have big, meaty thighs, also known as thunder thighs [who came up with this abominable moniker? Couldn't they come up with something more adorable?]

1. Chaffing, also known as "Chub rub"

The fact that your thighs rub against each other when you walk is probably the worst thing about having thick thighs, and there isn't much you can do about it. When you see folks with thigh gaps, you realize you'll never know how it feels to have your thighs not brush against each other.

Actually, pressing your thighs together wouldn't be that bad if it didn't result in considerable chaffing, such as serious rashes between the thighs or plain unpleasant welts. The chaffing also causes a lot of pain because it burns all the time. To avoid the pain, you have to walk like someone who has a hernia.

2. You must deal with a lot of perspiration.

The large thighs may be voluptuous and delicious, but when they aren't gummed together, the space between them is usually smooth with sweat. Okay, maybe it's not that horrible, but there's an entire pool of sweaty delight between those thick thighs, especially when the weather is hot. To get some fresh air, you literally have to extend your legs out under a fan. And when you take a bath, you don't care if your pals give you a strange look; you go on to lavishly spray some deodorant between your thighs because you are the only one who understands your predicament.

3. Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Although it is not a law that stretch marks and cellulite must accompany large thighs, they almost often do. Not only do you have little dimples all over your thighs, but you also have lines that make you think you were a Zebra in a previous life. While the media may make you believe that stretch marks and cellulite are unattractive, you must quit feeling self-conscious about them. They're common in humans, and having them doesn't make you any less attractive or amazing.

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