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A lady shared how she decided to move out from where she was staying and proud about it

A young lady couldn't wait to share with her followers about her journey of moving out from varsity residence and finding her own place. The reason she moved out there is that she wanted to sell and students are not allowed to sell at Res.

Moving out and starting afresh is not easy as well as starting from scratch , buying your own furniture, groceries, electricity it's just overwhelming. 

The lady here is just so excited about the decision she made. She wrote " Emotionally and I just felt like starting afresh was a great idea, I wanted to shift my focus from worries occupying my mind with positive things. I needed an emotional distraction, something to keep my mind from stressing." It took her a week to look for a room and a place where she can do her business at. Through it all she managed by selling atchaar and used her school allawance and profit to buy some furniture. 

She encourages anyone else to start afresh if they are still scared to take the step, yes it's not easy but it is worth it.


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