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Road Accident

You can protect your new car by doing these things

Amost each and everyday people buy new cars with their hard earned cash. Someone go to work monday to friday just to make money so that they can be able to buy the car they desire. But other peoplesay buying a car is not a sign of success while other people think that if you buy a car it shows that you have made it in life. We all have different preferences when it comes to buying cars.

After buying a car alot of important steps must be taken. Especially if you are an african person westill believe in sncestors unlike white people. Many peopleafter buying a new car they take it home where they were born just to make smaller gathering of their family members. The reason behind this is that a ritual must be made so that you can tell your ancestors that you bought a new car and you will like them to protect you and give you blessings while driving it.

While performing the ritual a goal must be slaughtered just to pleasethe ancestors. The purpose of this riruals is to ask protection from ancestors and blessings. We all know that our roadsare killing people each and everyday because of wandering spirits that were killed by accidents. People must fetch those spirits to avoid further accidents and this can be done by calling sangomas and pastors together with prophets to come and cleansen the road by using herbs and prayers.

If you are christian person then after buying a car, instead of making ritual you can take your car to a prophet or to church so that they can pray for it and ask God to protect you through your road journeys and destroy all evil spritsthat might try to harm you. It depend in which religion you believe. But your car is a must to be protected so that you can be able to live longer or elsewithout protection you might end perishing on the road as a result of car accident.

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