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A Lady Shares Her Recently Built Two Bed Room House Whose Estimated Cost is 500k

A middle-aged woman who designed her parents' house above cleared the actual valuation. The building is said to be a house with two bedrooms. She said the project began a few weeks ago, and it is finished by then.

The house has two single bedrooms, one master bedroom, and one bedroom. There is also a lounge, living area, patio, garden, dining room, veranda entrance, and washroom. Both these features render the house incredible. It didn't cost me anything to be a two-roomed home. In stages, I had to purchase supplies. I began with the sand of the river and the building stones.

The cost of a home varies according to region, square footage and construction material. There is also a cost differential between a model house and a production building where architects have designed subdivisions with different lot designs.

In fact, if you want to conserve money by constructing in rural areas, you would still have to take into account the expense of creating a septic tank or sewage hook. The house has two big bedrooms and a communal washroom. Sitting and eating on an open plan, a kitchen with a kitchenette at the back yard.

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