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“My sister is a homeowner at the age of 22,” said a proud brother on Twitter

(Source: - @DlalaChampion)

A gentleman has taken to his social media platform to celebrate his sister's massive success; which is securing land and on top of that building her own home. As a proud brother that was the best way that he could congratulate his 22-year-old sister for adding to her valuable assets in her life. A Twitter user by the name @DlalaChampion shared incredible pictures of his sister posing next to her wonderful shack. It was nothing but all smiles from the young lady as she has turned one of her dreams into a reality. “My sister is now a homeowner at the age of 22,” said @DlalaChampion on his official Twitter account.  

Different communities and families always preach ownership of assets since that adds to your net worth too. The beautiful lady seemed like she got herself land, then had to first build a shack so that it will be visible that the place has an owner. As we know that land in South Africa is a necessity, if you buy then you must make sure that put some sort of fencing and then build a shack for starters. When you get your finances in order then you can begin with building your dream house. There’s no rush at all, it’s a matter of affordability though. Ideally, people should just put money away every month so that they can be able to do everything that’s needed when building a house. 

Nevertheless, @DlalaChampion’s post gained a lot of attraction on Twitter as it had over 320 comments, 1170 retweets and 22 750 likes within the platform. There was a mixed reaction from the public as some people were happy for the lady and congratulated her. However, some individuals felt that they couldn’t celebrate anything that mediocre as it seems like the communities have normalized poverty. 

@La_Great_Divide said, “My only worry is that we have romanticized poverty to an extent that we are not seeing anything wrong with this pic.”

@TeeMiey107 said, “And you telling us about her age for what? Blessings are not allocated according to your age bro… How old was she when she had her first child?... Anyway, congratulations to her.”

@MbusoNdaba1 said, “I think the big here is learning to be self-sufficient as early as possible big up to her.”

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Date: 16/10/2021

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