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At Last, The Secret To ANCESTORAL DREAMS Is Revealed by me.

Other dreams are very sensitive and very secretive because some ancestors don't want you to reveal them.

It's dangerous because you will end up not dreaming the way you used to dream at first, because you revealed important dreams.

Some people are just seeking your powers, and knowing how powerful you are, because you will heal more people than them.

Ancestors can give you an important message through a dream, just sit down, and think clearly about how to find answers by yourself first, some dreams can reveal themselves without consulting.

The dreams you remember without losing any information, it means that dream has a message for you. 

Like the following dreams below:

1. School

2. Snakes

3. Rivers

4. Someone who is dead in your family

5. Lions, paper money, and coins

6. Water Gods or Ancestors

Those show signs of important dreams, other dreams are just ordinary dreams.

Before you fall asleep you maybe overthinking, so before you sleep avoid thinking a lot, and calm down because you will end up dreaming about what you are thinking of, which is an ordinary dream that's just passing but the real one will come around these times: 00:00, 02:00, 03:00, and you might start dreaming again at 03: 50am.

Be careful about your dreams that you shouldn't reveal, they are for you and your ancestors only.

Love and respect your ancestor's spiritual gift.

Below is an Interpretation of some Dreams:

1. Dreaming having sex- it's malevolent, it's bad luck

2. Dreaming of yourself naked - something will disappoint you 

3. Eating fruits or veggies - that's pregnancy 

4. Dreaming washing - you need cleansing 

5. Heavy rain - that's cleansing, it might also mean death 

6. Praying- Prophets 

7. Flying- Your praying spirit 

8. Crying- happiness is on the way 

9. Dreaming of losing teeth - you will lose something, but something small, maybe your phone, etc. 

10. Train - your spiritual journey is about to begin, it also symbolizes death 11. Driving a car - symbolizes death 

13. Bus - symbolizes death 

14. Tap water coming out - you need to make peace 

15. Being chased by cows - it's the anger of your ancestors you need to pray and talk to them 

16. Wedding-it symbolizes death

17. Ploughing in a garden - symbolizes death 

18. Crossing a river - your problems are to be solved 

19. Taking a photo - You are being bewitched. 

20. Money- that's lucky 

21. Buying new clothes - that's luck, your life is about to change 

22. Horse - you have water gods/ancestors 

23. Sweeping - you are cleaning yourself or your body system 

24. Playing soccer or running - that's success and long life 

25. Being stabbed or shot - they are bewitching you

26. Eating - that's witchcraft 

27. Yellow or green snake - those are your ancestors 

28. Drunk - that's hardship 

29. Twins - that's luck 

30. Climbing a mountain until you reach the top - you will conquer

Please be advised this doesn't apply to all Ancestors.

Photo cred: @sanelematsolo


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