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If You Ever Find This Thing in Your Hotel Room Leave Immediately Or Report to Police, Here Is Why


With all of the conveniences that technology provides us, it also adds new challenges. Some people abuse it to exert power over others. For example, a phone was designed to allow people to communicate from many locations and make life easier, but some criminals use it to hack into other people's accounts and steal their money. That's why I say that while technology makes our lives easier, it also puts them in jeopardy. 

Due to technology, it is nolonger safe for one to freely stay in the hotel without being scared that they might be filmed. People nowadays install hidden cameras in the hotel rooms to record everything that happens. The majority of guests at hotels are couples looking for a romantic getaway or people who only see each other in private. To avoid winding up in one of the blue viral videos, make a habit of checking your hotel room before getting too comfortable. This is the most popular device that guests utilize in their hotel rooms: 

It looks like a charging adapter to someone who doesn't know what it is. The camera here is set up to record your every move. If you find it in a hotel room or homestay, just pack up and leave immediately. Below you'll find further information on this device. 


As an additional precaution, the moment you get to the room turn off all of the lights and close the curtains then turn on your phone's torch to see if the room has a camera. Then, use the torch to look around the room. A reflection light will reveal a camera if one is present, as lances reflect light. 

This device also gives the owner full access to your phone and all of the data on it. When you connect it in, all of your data will be sent without your knowledge or consent. So the next time you're in your hotel room and see something like this, simply go. 


Some hotels use them as a deterrent to property thieves who target guests' belongings after they check out. It is against the law for them to place a camera in your room because it violates your privacy. What are your personal feelings on the matter? Does it make sense for hotels to install cameras in their rooms as a security measure? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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