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Road Accident

22 Funny Pictures And Jokes to Brighten Your Day

The Doctor and his students emerged from the building, and the driver exclaimed, "These are the insane folks."

The passengers all began chanting that they were not angry when they heard this. They got off the bus with the intention of fighting the driver.

The doctor turned to his students as they were apprehending the driver and stated, "Everyone outside here has the same form of lunacy; this madness is very common."

All of them will be admitted to Ward 2. They were taken away by security guards from the psychiatric facility.

A gentle-looking man quietly emerged from the bus and informed the doctor that he wishes to meet him privately.

The physicians agreed, and the man pulled him aside and said that he wasn't mad, and that he had told the doctor everything that had happened and how he got there.

The doctor then addressed his students, saying, "This man will be in ward 8, and your successors will exploit him for future studies." His kind of craziness is quite uncommon. It's the first time I've seen it.

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