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SUGAR: I am proud of myself moving to my new first home


For the first time in her life, Sugerbite is happy. She has moved to her home. She is happy about the lifestyle that she is going to have afterward now that she has her own space. It has been one of the things she wants to archive, and it is not only for her to have such an improved lifestyle.

It is a huge motivation and a big deal to create your own space, and you will no longer be under someone's governance. Others are moving out because they want to have freedom, and it is something that keeps happening as people are moving out of their initial homes.


With Sugerbite, she has really moved to a better environment or space that many people would also love to have. For someone who is at her age, it should become the norm for everyone to have their own houses as long as they are old enough to take care of themselves.


Usually, people move out of their homes at around 40 years old, and very few people are moving out from their 20s. Creating a lifestyle is also wonderful, knowing that you have a home that is under your home. You should not be worried about going to a home where you don't create governance.


Comments come through under her tweet: 

1. King Vi: Congratulations, officer. 

2. Noko: You have done a great job, Sugerbite.

3. Ms. Hill: Congratulations. I am happy that 2021 is ending on a good note for a lot of you guys, and it is amazing.

4. Flomy: Where are you working? I want to drop flowers at the entrance.

5. Danny: You have a beautiful house and you should celebrate.

All the beautiful work she has done is being approved and this is good news just before going into the new year. Ending her year like this is more wonderful news, as it means going into the next year with good positivity in your whole life. From this moment, she knows what kind of lifestyle she wants to have.

Your thoughts?

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