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"Tweet like someone in the bible." Gone wrong

Twitter is a place for fun, games, learning new things, business and many more however people turn to take things that are meant to be jokes serious. I don't blame them sometimes though.

A few hours ago there was this trend going around which started when a tweep posted "tweet like someone in the bible." As usual, tweeps didn't waste time. One a thousand tweeps participated. But here are just 10.

1. A conversation between Mary and Joseph when she announced her pregnancy and his reaction.

2. Saul's reaction while watching the Israelites praise David after killing Goliath.

3. Delilah on her IG story when she was about to tempt the most powerful homeboy in the hood.

4. Judas reaction when Jesus mentioned someone is gonna betray him.

5. Shadrach, Meshach and abednego walking out of the burning furnace.


7. The angels reaction when they saw what was happening in Sodom and Gomora.

8. Moses reaction when he was told to go back to the mountain.

9. Pharoah not listening when told to the people go.

10. Jonahs wife listening to him explain how he was swallowed by the whale.

There are a lot tweets under this trend. Some people thought they were funny but most Christians found them to be very disrespectful. People started sending these jokes on Instagram and the whole trend went wrong.

Someone said "whoever claims to be a Christian or whoever has bible verses in their bio might as well take those verses off if you are gonna take God as a joke. It's not just a lip service saying you love and then denying him ,making a joke of him etc."

I think we can joke about anything else but not religion. Let's keep religion out of jokes because it really is disrespectful.

Do you think such jokes are funny?

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