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Old lady from Venda shared her beautiful picture inside her kitchen. Check how people loved it

Old lady from Venda showing people her piece of art.


Old lady from Venda showing her beautiful and simple kitchen to everyone on social, on her picture showing how creative she is by setting her kitchen in the Italian way. Her kitchen didn't cost her too much money, she designed it the way she love it and it looked more beautiful.

The old lady shared her secret of what she used to design that kitchen in that way, she used clay and Orolic soil that is used by small ants to build their home. It took her 3 months to design her kitchen.

The old lady was surprised when seeing people making this big deal because almost every house at Venda designs their houses like that inside. Most people have adapted to modern life and they no longer care about their traditions and culture. An old lady told them that it is very painful to see our youth leaving their tradition, our youth no longer have interest in taking over their four fathers' legacy.

There are many talented old people at home and they wish to share their experiences with their children but they don't show interest, do why we end up leaving them to do what makes them happy. If they are not careful they will end up not knowing their origin and it will be too late for them to learn because there will be no old person to teach them.

My advice to our children, may they please get close to old people so that they can milk them the talented, our talent will never make you sleep hungry. Even though it might take them to be rich but it will never make them sleep hungry because we will teach them how to support their families. Mama Vakoma said all that.

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