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Important Psychological Tricks To Try On Your Close Friends

Hey! How about if we do a mind meld? Yes, we don't have the power of mind control yet, but the power of psychology is almost as good! to do and what to look for, you can get exactly what you want from others. 




 Suppose you are throwing a party and a group of people starts arguing. It's going to be pretty intense. What should I do? Get them something to eat! Food has a calming effect and everyone loves a good snack. You will subconsciously feel happier and more comfortable. Letting them eat should break the tension! So take a look at these psychological tricks that you can use in everyday life to make reaching your goals a lot easier and more exciting. 


 1.If you ask someone a question and feel that they are hiding something or not telling the full story, make long, pleasant eye contact with them and keep silent. 


 2. You have a song in your head and it gets annoying! Think about the END of the song. Your brain will call this "Okay, the song is over!" interpret. and it will restart. 


 3. Nod your head a lot while saying that you want someone to agree. 


 4. When you feel like someone is looking at you, yawn and make sure they SEE you. After yawning, see if they are yawning too. 


 5. Probably someone is lying to you if they omit the so-called sensory details. The most honest people will explain what something sounded, smelled, looked or felt like, and these are often the most important parts of the story. 


 6. When people laugh, they tend to look who they think they are most closely related to! 


 7. Whatever your friend or quote just said, paraphrase and say it. It will tell them that you were listening and paying attention! 


 8. We all have moments we'd rather not remember ... so all you need to do is replace them with something positive that you MUST remember ASAP! 


 9. When you approach a group of colleagues or friends talking and see you coming, watch their feet. If you can join the circle, his torso AND feet will turn towards you. 


 10. The first time you meet someone, try to remember their name AND use them in the conversation that follows. 


 11. When you speak and the other person smiles at you, look for wrinkles around your eyes; if they are wrong there will be none. 


 12. Chewing gum makes you look engaged and makes your brain feel good. 


 13. It is said that people remember the beginning and the end of something most clearly - an appointment, an interview, a meeting. Try to be interviewed first or last.

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