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A Simple Guide To Grow Spinach In Your Garden

There's a lot of business opportunities in the agriculture industry that people are not taking advantage of. This may be due to lack of information and assistance in terms of funding. I believe that taking small steps can lead into beautiful results. In this article we are going to show you a simple way that you can make use of to grow spinach in your garden.

Preparing your soil

Before you start the whole process it's recommended that you prepare your soil to support the growth of whatever that you are going to plant (in our case it's spinach). There a are two things that you can make use of - manure or a shop bought fertilizer. It depends on which one you can afford, but both of them will yield the same results.

— First things first, loosen up your soil by digging holes in the ground.

— Apply the fertilizer and mix it properly with your soil. You can make use of a garden fork for this process or anything which is similar to it.

Getting started with planting

Now that you have made the necessary preparations to your soil, it's time to get started with planting your spinach. Follow the guidelines below to get started:

— You have to visit your nearest grocery shop and see if you can find any seedlings. They are usually situated in the fruits and vegetables section.

— Compare the prices of different stores and choose the ones which are affordable for you.

— At the back of the package, there are simple instructions that will guide you through the process because you have already prepared your soil.

— Water your ground regularly using a water can or a hose pipe.

Keeping track of it's growth

After a couple of weeks have passed, you need to provide an adequate supply of nitrogen for a good quality yield. You can make use of chicken manure. Apply it in between the rows and remove any weeds which might grow in your garden.

— when harvesting, remember to remove old leaves using a knife.

— To keep your spinach fresh, store it in water.

We hope you've found this article useful. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask via the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you. For more informative articles like this one published daily, make sure that you follow us and be on the loop. 

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