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16 Pictures That Will Seem So Weird At First, But Look Closer

Optical illusions are all over the internet because they're so bizarre and perplexing, which makes them entertaining even when they make you feel uneasy. To clear up the confusion and remove the illusion, simply look closely and focus on the image until you figure out what the key element is; squinting your eyes may also help. Here's the ultimate optical illusion collection to confuse you.

1. No, her nose is not that long

2. That's not his ponytail, there's a girl next to him

3. Have you ever heard of Spider Cat ?

4. We all have that headless friend who always wants to hangout

5. Cats are now eating poles everywhere

6. I've always wanted a miniature ship like this one

7. He looks like he's enjoying it.

8. That's a nice ponytail you have there

9. They grow so fast, unequally

10. When you're drunk so your dog has to drive you home

11. Nice new hairstyle Ryan

12. She has no hands but she's still lifting, what's your excuse ?

Just kidding, if you look closer you can actually see her hands and arms

13. Dogs are evolving

14. You have a huge head buddy

15. If that baby smacks you, you're dead

16. Nice Lips, damn.

Thank you for reading.

Love and prosperity to you.

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Spider Cat


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