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Sangoma left many Stunned after sharing that she is having tea party by the river with her ancestor

Time has changed and people are moving with time, nowadays if someone receives a gift of calling from their ancestor they intend to follow it and become a sangoma, they even capture and share the process of becoming a sangoma that's how proud they are, unlike way back people were afraid and would hide their calling because there's was a narrative that was programmed in people's minds that if you become a sangoma practicing evil rituals therefore are considered evil.

A famous Twitter sangoma who goes by the name @Thandzzz04 taking it to Twitter sharing pictures with her followers that she hosted a tea party for her ancestors along with a play date with her water spirits, by looking at the pictures the sangoma went to a river and she found a spot next to the water and she lay a clean white sheet and placed four cups of tea on top of the sheet along with silver coins, the tea symbolize that her ancestors love tea and by placing the coins she appreciate everything her ancestors has done for her. And in the other pictures, she was swimming in clean river water she mentioned that she enjoyed swimming in the river if it was possible she will swim the whole day. "Hosted a tea party for my ancestors and date with my water spirits," she wrote

The post was received by many and they were so thrilled by what she does for her ancestors and one sangoma asked if she could take him to the place she was at, he jumped in and commented "Kopa o nkise mo", others were amazed by her cleanness "Aliseclean nali iqgirha ninani" one tweep complimented her. 

It's a great thing to follow to find your purpose and follow it, every human is born for a purpose you're lucky to find it, don't waste time and follow it you will receive your blesses and your life will be meaningful.

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