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For a good laugh, check out these 25 amusing pictures and jokes.

Why are you being forced to do this?

I've returned with another collection of amusing jokes and photographs for your amusement.

Here are some amusing images and jokes to keep you entertained this week:

1. In a psychiatric hospital, two mad men, Akpos and Ochuko, were arguing about who was the most insane.

I'm more enraged than you, Akpos stated.

It's a lie, said Ochuko. You won't be saying this if you know how long I've been mad.

Akpos then killed himself, and his Spirit awoke, telling Ochuko to do the same.

No, I give up, you're crazier than I am, Ochuko remarked.

As beneficial as free play is for children, parents must supervise their children to ensure that they do not play with unsafe materials in the house. They could not even be playing with harmful objects, but with something that could be quite useful around the house.

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