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Here are people who never cares about what the next person thinks of them

We know that the world does not owe you anything but at times one really need to be conscious of their behaviour regardless of what they may be going through. It really won't kill you to be human sometimes. Like the Bible says" Do unto others what you want done unto you" If we can really live by these words. The world can really be a better place. It would be nice knowing that the next person close to you has your back.

In most cases, the people who act without considering other people are usually doing these kind of things in a public space. In this article today we share with you people who are selfish when they are in public transport like a train.

Just look at this guy, he is sleeping in from of the door with a mirror in his hand. How will people make their way in and around the train?

Here is another one. This guy is taking up a space for four people. This is just insane.

When it comes to kids, we should really be mindful of the things we do and say because they can easily follow in your foot steps. She is now doing what she has been taught and she does it perfectly well.

Five seats all at once, this will not happen in South African trains because they will just go through his legs and sit down just like that.

Public transport. No one is responsible for anything.

This is just so unacceptable. Who wash their feet in a train?

This one is camping in a train. Talk about insane people.

Just looking at that sock, I would not even consider sitting on that chair even if he tried to move. Some things are not meant for the public eye.

This one is shaving while she is waiting for the train.

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