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Wrong Grave Drama as Woman Receives Luck from wrong Ancestor!

35 years old Phiwokuhle was facing some hardships and decided to seek traditional help. The Sangoma adviced that she visits her grandmother's Grave and plead with her to light up her life.

Phiwokuhle from Springs In Ekurhuleni did as instructed, That was back in 2019. She visited the grave and found it in an unkept condition.

She cleaned it's sorrounding and started stating her reasons for being there. Things started happening. She found a man who has already paid lobola for her. And she is getting lucky each day.

Until her aunt decided to accompany her to the grave. When they arrived it was discovered that Phiwokuhle was actually performing her rituals at a Wrong Grave!

Now she is confused. She doesn't know if she need to acknowledge that ancestors or stop.

Even The traditionalists seem to be confused on this.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye says " when someone came to speak to them (Wrong ancestor) , they were happy and didn't care who it was. They got attached to them and she should continue treating that ancestor as her own.


Sangoma Skhuni Mkhize says she should apologize to the grave and stop going.

So which one should she follow?

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Ekurhuleni Phiwokuhle Sangoma


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