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When will this come to an end?

In life most people drudge. Drudging is one of the best thing to do to get close to achieving your dreams. Drudging doesn't necessarily mean you have to go to school and study hard to reach for the stars. There are many people who did not go to school but they still worked hard everyday and achieved their dreams.

They work hard because they want to accumulate more money to take care of their families, buy or build themselves nice houses, designer clothes, expensive shoes and elegant cars.

Regarding elegant cars. A refined Audi Coupe was hijacked on 14 January 2022 in Pretoria. Anyone who has seen this car roaming the streets or knows where it is can contact the nearest police station. The registration number of the car is FY 74 TY GP.

Vehicle trackers tried locating it, unfortunately it was untraceable. This means the tracking device of the car is already removed or tampered with. Hijackers have been rampant since November last year. Hijacking cases are the 'it' thing these days. Someone has to put a stop to these daily hijackings.

South Africa is out of order. People who live in this country are not safe anymore, including their properties. There has to be a way to counterattack the criminals. Living in fear because of few individuals is not what South Africans should do. They have to unite in solidarity and deal with perpetrators accordingly. Hijackers, rapists, murderous and scammers among others need to be taught a lesson they will never forget. They can't go on ruining other people's lives.

For car owners, it is best to makes sure your car is locked and parked at a safe place before you leave it unattended. There are masterminds who use signal jammers to get easy access to your car. You may think it is locked while it's not. After locking your car remotely it is best to double check if it's really locked by trying to open the doors and see if it will not open.

If the doors of your car opens it means the hijackers were watching you and eyeing your car all along. They have probably used signal jammers to ensure that your car doesn't lock. If that happens, you better make sure you vacate the area you are in as soon as possible.

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