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Ways To Stop Your Plantain From Ripening

Plantains are readily available, however they might be prohibitively expensive to purchase. Without a simple strategy to preserve and prolong its freshness (which I'll demonstrate below), it can be a time-consuming and money-consuming endeavor.

How to Preserve Ripe Plantain | FarmHouz NG | Your Organic Shop! How to Preserve Ripe Plantain

The outside of green plantains will quickly turn brown, black, or yellow if left out in the sun for an extended period of time. When left at room temperature, it's very effective.

Use this simple approach to keep your plantain from ripening too quickly - The National Daily Newspaper

So, what can you do to avoid this from happening or, better yet, how can you slow down the ripening process until it is time to consume it? Read on.

All you'll need is a steady source of electricity and a supply of plastic bags. It makes no difference whether you purchase your plantain with the stalk or already removed from the stick. This strategy is effective.

The best way to keep plantain from maturing and turning brown - Jotscroll

1. If you purchased your plantains with the stalk, remove them from the stalk and cut them into pieces that will fit into the plastic bag.

2. Clean your plantain by rinsing it thoroughly and patting it dry.

3. Place them in a plastic bag and secure them with string, making sure there is no place for air to pass through.

4. Place them in your refrigerator (not your freezer) because we do not want them frozen, but rather preserved. 5.

5. Close the refrigerator door and you're done.

Jamaica's 17 Mile Post is located at Green Plantain.

You are now free to enjoy yourselves.

Note: If properly stored and if there is a consistent source of electricity, these can be kept for up to 2 to 3 months.

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