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'Ladies Have You Been In This Situation?' Facebook User Asks & The Response Is Wild (Photos)

The lady's photo quickly goes viral on social media platforms, most notably Facebook. However, one of the organization's members recently published the post in a Facebook group.

Emy Louis, a lady who goes by the name Emy, shared a photo of a very young woman riding a motorcycle and gazing at her phone. 'Ladies, have you ever been in this situation?' she captioned her post.

The image and screenshot of the post are included below;

When the debate raged on Twitter, the overwhelming view among women was that a guy should pay for a woman's travel expenses when she pays him a visit. The majority of men were taken aback by this.

You can pay for her transportation once or twice, but when it becomes mandatory, something is wrong. You are not obligated to pay for a woman's transportation simply because she visited your home. She came to your house voluntarily. She thoroughly liked her time with you and, if sx was involved, she thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Guys have a "duty" to arrange for their lady friend's transportation whenever she arrives. Should it be mandatory? Share your perspective. Is it appropriate for a female to visit her man without carrying any money, and do you believe this man should be held accountable for abandoning her and failing to pay the bike man?

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