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There Has Never Been "Dark Age In Africa

What is called "Dark Age" of this Continent that was give to Shem, thrived to bring civilization into other parts of the World.

The time of "dark age" that the Westerners tries to use and discredit Africa, was a period of development, we had our own cities amounting to 100 that were thriving in Africa, how then a thriving continent can be called dark fails reason and logic when examined critically, this land of Eden as captured in Genesis 2:6-12, crossed by two Rivers Gihon and Pishon(the White and Blue Nile) has never been dark to say so is to miss the Point, An Ethiopian and or a leopard never changes its colour or skin, the constant denominator is the same...

There was a time when the land of Tara or Alekebulan aka Ibzuba aka Africa was impenetrable by the outside World, this is the period Africa was in the highest pick to contain conquest, repulsed all who landed on its shores, for any that wanted to be here from the unknown World beyond Africa faced death

For 10000 years Africa held sway and was nicknamed "hellfire" it is this hellfire they have now turned to call "dark age" wherein it was not, I for one dont believe in this mantra of the dark age in history, it sounds derogatory to me, Africa has never been a dark age continent. It will forever remain the source that gave it all to the rest of the World.

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