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Cheap Friendly Fun Things To Do After Work

So you're short on cash and totally looking for something of entertainment value to get yourself involved in. While this particular set of circumstances isn't the most favourable one, virtually all of us have been there before. Here are fun things to do when you're off the clock that dont require a lot of money.

Become a foodie

If I may ask who doesn't like food? It draws us all together in a commonality that not too many other things can. Becoming a foodie is a great way to be drawn closer to others but to also satisfy your own tastes and curiosities. You need to expirement and try new recipes with the food you already have on hand, or shop with your new found hobby in mind next time you're out for groceries.

Start a New Self Mission

Maybe its religion, harmony with nature, quitting smoking, or just becoming a healthier, better you, there is never a bad time to start or research the aligns of a new self mission. No matter the shift you work or your individual background , this type of activity can lead to fantastic personal growth and a major loss in time spent bored and aimless.

Train Your Brain

Speaking is self advancement, there are many great ways to train your brain on the cheap, thus quiet productively eating up any boredom time you thought you once had. You need to learn how to make your brain sharp and active, and this is definitely a great use. You may also try brain development games for adults which can be found online and in handheld platforms.

Clean, Maintain Old Contacts

Everyone today has a long list of contacts, from their past through to their present. Many of us neglect to regularly maintain those contacts or even clean up these lists. Just imagine the fantastic feeling of having a clean, organized and current contact list in your cellphone, email and social media accounts.

Clean, Organize

Aside from just email and phone contacts, you should consider cleaning it and organizing in other areas you may normally neglect. Clean out your closet or even clean out or reorganize the fridge.


Reading is a fantastic and typically affordable way to spend some of that extra time after work. Find a topic you enjoy or want to know more about , go to the library or bookstore and find a comfortable spot, and become absorbed.

Art and Music

The arts and music are meant for the passage of idle time and the conveyance of emotions and ideas.

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